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A Guide to Zombie Survival

By | source: Oct 26th, 2011

Service Announcement: in the face of an imminent Zombie Apocalypse, we strongly advise you to read the infographic below. This is not a testâ?¦. (Cue radio static, sinister organ music, and occasional shrieks.)

Worldwide Medical Insurance has put together this entertaining infographic for any zombie fans out there (or any with Kinemortophobia, fear of the undead), just in time for Halloween. You can never be too prepared, after all. First and foremost, know your enemy, whether the hemorrhaging zombie mob is made up of undead cheerleaders, jocks, clowns or nurses. Second, know your body and the very unfortunate results of a zombie bite. Lastly, know your resources and put together the kit every doomed horror-move heroine wishes she had.