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The Startup Gamble

By | source: Oct 27th, 2011

Startup companies can be lots of fun, or a lot of pain. Making it big as one of the first employees of a rapidly growing company obviously has its benefits, but there’s never any guarantees when working in a small, newer company. This infographic highlights some of the reasons these companies go down the gutter. I advise anyone thinking about applying to a startup to read this so you can prepare some useful questions in an interview.

I think startups are a great idea for lots of reasons. You get to do what you are truly interested in. You have control over the company’s destiny and how much time and effort is put into its growth. Oftentimes the founders interact with every employee on a regular basis, and this creates a strong sense of family in the workplace. With the expansion of technology and advancement of lifestyle, people have more and more specific needs and markets expand into areas never developed before. Startups are a great way to attack these new areas of lifestyle.

Some of us prefer job security with a long lasting company we trust, so to each his own. [Via]