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9 Keys To Working With Difficult People

By | source:Entrepreneur Dec 19th, 2017

Tension creates 80 percent of workplace difficulties, according to Entrepreneur, and those issues can become more than a threat to your ego; they can become oppressive forces that put you in survival mode on a daily basis, and that is no good for your mental health.

If you have become the target of a particularly challenging colleague, or you have to work daily with a team member who ties your stomach in knots, the situation has the ability to steal your working spirit.

You can resolve workplace stress by setting boundaries and ground rules, and working through the issues with your co-worker in a systematic way. So, before you start looking for other jobs, there are means to keeping your soul intact and your career on an upward trajectory if you are willing to do some work.

First, you must manage your emotions. Top-performing professionals, at a rate of 90 percent, have the ability in times of stress to keep things professional and resolve issues productively through action. In other words, passive approaches will not work to solve issues with a co-worker.

Stay calm in every situation, and when there is gridlock with a colleague, maintain eye contact and positive body language, and move the discussion outside of the office if possible. Take a walk or grab a coffee with your problematic peer. A change of scenery, while remaining steady, practical, affirming, and positive, will get you further.

As you work to repair a difficult office relationship in a constructive way, be sure to tell your colleague you appreciate any positive changes in their attitude. Focusing on their strengths will create a fully engaged co-worker who is more willing to work with you in an effective way.

Finally, expectations must be clear for every member of your team. Clarity is essential to reducing frustration and helps with time management. Share expectations of yourself with the team and ask the team what they expect from you. Record the offerings of each member and come back to them to solve any disputes in a beneficial way.

Choose your battles with the obnoxious colleague in the next cubicle, and be productive in resolving issues while showing appreciation for positive changes, because if you love your job, finding another one might be more difficult than putting aside your ego and changing the way you communicate with difficult people at work.

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