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Clothing Origami: Save Space With The Ancient Art Of Folding

By | source:Here Dec 18th, 2017

If you live in a city or just in a super cramped apartment, you don’t have much room to store your clothes. You have to make do with what you have.  Trying to compress clothes into tiny spaces is quite the challenge.

If you’re struggling to find space for your clothes like I am, you can use this infographic to assist with your folding techniques. From a regular t-shirt, to trousers, to a hooded sweater, there is a helpful way to fold everything you own.

The article of clothing I struggle with folding the most is a long sleeve t-shirt. It gets super puffy, extra wrinkled, and just looks like a mess. If you want to compact your long sleeve t-shirt, lay the shirt button-side down, fold in the sleeves to touch in the middle of the shirt, fold from the bottom, and store.

I have a lot of clothes, but not much space, so when I found this infographic I became obsessed. I plan on using these folding hacks the next time I do laundry. The key is to get good fast, because once your hamper fills up the cycle starts again (pun intended).