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Helpful Apps For The Savvy Traveller

By | source:Here Dec 20th, 2017

Ever since discovering smartphone apps a few years back, they’ve slowly become essential for almost every part of my day.
Whether it’s ordering an Uber to avoid driving, an app that tracks my budget, a step counter, or even one for keeping track of Aunt Flow, if you have a need then you bet that there’s an app for it.

Apps basically make our lives easier, or at least more entertained. When you’re about to take the trip of a lifetime the last thing you need is confusion and disorganization. This infographic has compiled the most useful apps that will help your trip go smoothly from packing to the streets of Paris.

Classics like a translator app to help out with the difficult languages, or trusty Google Maps to lead your way are always available, but developers have created specific and fine-tuned apps meant to make every aspect of your travel experience easier. There’s an app that translates street signs with your camera and even one that tells you how much sunscreen you should be wearing! Let your worries go and enjoy your trip.