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How To Recognize The Signs Of A Toxic Work Environment

By | source:Point Park University Dec 10th, 2018

With 58% of employees trusting a stranger more than their workplace manager, toxic work environments hurt businesses and their staff.

Stories of lousy work conditions abound on employer review sites and across social media. Chances are you’ve worked in a position where you felt undervalued. Combat a negative workplace by determining what elements contribute to the bad vibes, then take action.

From a lack of a proper break room to sitting too long behind a desk, employees who don’t take a break become less efficient and experience health problems.   Standing desks may be one part of the solution.  Research suggests that chats by the water cooler increase productivity up to 15% while standing increases efficiency by 10%. The same goes for vacations. Regularly scheduled time away boosts morale.

 76% of millennials will quit if they feel under-appreciated. If your employer fails to incentivize their employees properly, then employee turnover is imminent. That under appreciation also stems from a lack of training. 40% of workers who don’t receive proper instruction quit within their first year. Did you know that gossip is considered a form of workplace violence? If left unchecked, it can quickly turn a workplace into a cesspool.

With more than 84,000 workplace discrimination charges filed in 2017, your company can’t afford to put office ethics on the backburner. Toxic work environments aren’t healthy for employees or the companies who employ them. Instill a sense of happiness in your office and see productivity levels soar.