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8 Unsettling Facts About Horrible Bosses

By | source: Dec 5th, 2014

Bad bosses – we’ve all been there. They’re loud, they’re cruel, they don’t appreciate you, and they chastise you for no good reason. Learning to manage a team of people usually takes a good mentor in the first place. Bad bosses spawn more bad bosses. Your boss may suck right now, but I guarantee their boss isn’t too kind either.

Learning how to be a good leader takes observation, communication, and responsibility. Obviously our corporate leaders aren’t practicing these characteristics well enough: 50 percent of employees of bad bosses plan on finding a different place to work. This number is huge. The loss of talent that comes from bad management just isn’t worth it.

A solution for horrible bosses can be simple. Training. Those higher up in the organization need to set goals and responsibilities for lower management positions and train them how to treat their team to meet said goals.

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