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Common Garage Door Issues

By | source: Dec 4th, 2014

Is your garage ready for the winter? Nature can be an ugly beast, and you definitely don’t want your car to be ruined by the elements. So, grab your tools, WD-40, and let’s head to the garage!

One of the most common troubles a garage door faces is a broken set of torsion springs. These usually break down and become rusty simply because of the wear and tear of time. It is important that you check them every now and then, because you don’t want them to bust while the door is moving!

Warped or misaligned tracks, however, need to be taken care of ASAP. Take it from someone who has spent four hours trying to knock a door back in place because the wheels came off the track. It is not fun. And also from personal experience (as I am now realizing I’ve fixed several garage doors), bending it back into place can work, but honestly, it’s probably time for a new track. If not, you will be dealing with that stupid warped piece every two or three days, until eventually, your entire door is broken.

Springs are another big one. Most injuries caused by garage doors result from faulty springs. If they are rusty, replace them. You do not want to take a chance with those springs busting while you’re trying to pull out and having the entire door slide down onto your car.

Now, I have imparted to you my knowledge of garage doors. This infographic will fill you in on the rest.

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