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The Low-Down on Music’s Impact on Our Productivity

By | source: Dec 6th, 2014

Surprise! Music helps productivity. I can attest to that right this moment. I may not be using today’s infographic’s recommended pop genre, but Vulfpeck just lets my productivity flow.

Trying out different genres has helped greatly when it comes to finding what helps me be productive, in correspondence with the task at hand. Classical or post-modern rock does an awesome job at getting my mind flowing for puzzles and math problems. Upbeat rap, punk, and EDM makes any physical work I have do just fly by. Finally when I’m writing, it’s all about that funk and soul. Groovy stuff. Like anything in life, we all differ when it comes to preferences. I’m sure some of you couldn’t fathom listening to anything when at work. The co-worker even tapping their foot too much may make you livid.

This may be off topic, but listening to ambient and calm music can help me focus – when it comes to sleeping. I’ve listened to certain CDs so often before I drift off to sleep that when I hear one of the songs on the radio, my eyes immediately start to droop.

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