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The Worst Parts Available On The Black Market

By | source:Leisure Jobs Oct 27th, 2018

How’s this for a ghoulish proposition…putting organs on the market is a shocking practice that hopefully does not happen very often.  

Making ends meet is difficult, but we’d never suggest selling your organs on the black market.   I repeat, please don’t sell your greatest assets on the black market. 

What’s nuts is that there have actually been cases of organ selling to get material possessions. For instance, in 2011, a Chinese boy sold his kidney for 20,000 yuan so he could buy an iPad. That would have been not much more than $3000 US dollars.  Just because we have 2 kidneys does not mean these should be worth so little.  

 If you’re a smoker, you might want to quit so you don’t need a new pair of lungs.   Of course, you might want to give up alcohol as well to keep a healthy liver.