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12 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

By | source:Big Eye Jun 12th, 2015

Social media is essential to all businesses of today. Traditional forms of marketing and advertising are now reinventing themselves as a way to keep up with current social media trends. When used properly, social media can revolutionize the way that consumers view and interpret a brand’s image. While most individuals indulge in some form of social media, few know how to maximize their content. Social media marketing is the fine art of tailoring each channel (and its content!) to its users.

The first step in marketing is research. Without research you will be aimlessly throwing content onto the internet in hopes that it will catch someone’s attention. Research is vital in understanding your target audience and their specific needs. As the infographic suggests it is best to establish which social media platform to choose based off of your target audience. While it is recommended to have multiple social media platforms for your brand, it is best to keep content relevant, not redundant. This means that while your content should carry the same tone and message across all of your social media outlets it should not be repetitive. Remember: users choose their social media outlets specifically, do the same for your content. That being said do not share content that would be optimal for Twitter’s 180 character or less limit on a Facebook status.