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The 8 Most Likely People To Meet In A House Share

By | source:GumTree Jun 11th, 2015

For most of us roommate situations enter our lives soon after high school graduation. The university dorm is where we usually experience the feeling of not knowing the person you’ll be sharing a living space with.

I was no exception. Luckily my freshman year I was able to room with a long-time friend, but we had a suite-style dorm room connected to to other guys we knew nothing about. Sometimes in dorm situation you can find out your future roommate’s name and can contact them through social media and get to know them. We didn’t have this luxury, but we lucked out with some pretty fly guys. We did had different friend groups and lifestyles, but we all got along pretty well, and that was the end of that.

My second year of college I moved in with a completely random guy in a two bedroom apartment. The first day we meet he introduces himself as strictly nocturnal. Yes, this guy, by choice, slept between the hours of noon and 8pm, then was awake from 8 until noon the next day. I really didn’t seem him much and according to today’s infographic he’d be know as the invisible one.

I’ve lucked out with my other roommates since Mr. Nocturnal and hopefully you’ll have some good luck in your room shares of the future as well. Take a gander at the infographic for a taste of the types of characters you can expect to spend some quality time with over the terms of your lease.