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11 Hotel Perks You Won’t Believe Exist

By | source: Oct 13th, 2014

I’ve been taking one or two trips around the US for the last four years. Because I’m a student, hotels are out of the question. Hostels are great – but some turn out to be run-down, filled with party-crazed teens. One of the best ways I’ve found to travel is with friends and family. Stay on their couch, or in an extra bedroom. Using credit card reward points for flights, ride shares, and trains, I’ve found actual transportation can be relatively cheap as well. But today’s infographic isn’t about budget travel – it’s about the 5-star hotel experience.

First off, there’s a ‘Hangover Concierge” at the Ritz New Orleans. Now as New Orleans was one of my destinations last year, I know too well the illness that seems to always strike a day after Bourbon Street. When I was last down there, I ended up in a barber’s chair in the middle of a club at 2 a.m. A shot of whiskey and a haircut for $10. Wonderful night, but the next day was another story. Although my hair looked great, my body did not. Sugary drinks galore lead to headaches even more.

All of the perks on this list are a little extreme, but high-society has and always will be extreme. When there is money to be made with some outrageous idea, someone will do it. [Via]