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How to Write Better Emails

By | source: Oct 12th, 2014

Emails are more important than you might think. When applying for jobs, they can be just as important as an impressive resume and well-written cover letter, especially when you’re only corresponding electronically. According to today’s infographic, the majority of daily email comes from business correspondence. So, think about that the next time you include a smiley emoji at the end of a sentence. (It sucks, I know. I love them, too.)

One of the first things you should consider when drafting a new email, or when sending an email to a potential employer from an account you created in high school, is what your email address says about you. We’ve all had that one (or two) email addresses or screen names that are slightly embarrassing. For the longest time, I had a Yahoo address that was hyperhoney2008, and a Gmail that was even more embarrassing. I don’t know what I was thinking. Instead, it’s best to keep it simple. Using your name is good. Since going through college and learning the importance of ‘personal branding,’ I’ve changed every account to aislingclare27, so that my online presence is the same across the board.

Another important thing to think about when corresponding online is what the content of your email says about you. Subject lines should be kept straightforward and to the point. Keywords are important. The infographic shows that 35 percent of people decide to read an email based on the subject line alone.

The rest of your email’s content should also be kept short and direct. As a rule of thumb, don’t use more than 150 words. Your writing should be concise, and you should use proper grammar and punctuation. Potential employers may write you off for a position if you can’t write a simple email.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when composing emails, and this infographic provides several other tips for writing better ones. If you’re following up on a job application via email, be sure to check these out and utilize them to your advantage.