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How Color Has Changed

By | source: Oct 14th, 2014

Hi. My name’s Aisling, and I like to color. [Hi, Aisling.]

I’ve been a color-er since I was very little. My grandmother firmly believed in maintaining a stockpile of coloring books and crayons. Which is AWESOME! Thanks, grandma!

Anyway, since I’ve been coloring for so long, I’m clearly an expert on the matter. (Just go along with it.) I have always preferred the Crayola crayon over any other. I’ve tried RoseArts and store brands, but I just think Crayola is the brand to use. There’s just something about them. Not to mention the great names for some of their best colors; ‘Cerulean’ is a favorite of mine.

Needless to say, when I stumbled over this interactive infographic, I was ecstatic. The Crayola Color Chart shows where the brand started, and how far they’ve come in terms of variety for their colors, shades, and names.

Now go pull out that crayon stash I know you’ve got hidden away (or colored pencils/markers if that’s more your thing.) It might be time to add some new colors to your rainbow.


Click on the image below to see the interactive visualization, featuring the names of the crayons.