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Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Checklist

By | source:MidasMedia Nov 18th, 2015

Pay per click advertising is nothing new. Some would argue Google perfected this form of online advertising years ago, but that isn’t quite the case. Like all search and ad systems Google uses, they are constantly updated and changed. Having a persistent marketing manager is vital when evaluating the success of PPC ads.

Today’s infographic is a Pay per Click checklist meant to help judge the effectiveness of ads. The graphic greatly emphasizes the need to set benchmarks for evaluation daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly. Each benchmark looks into a certain issue within the PPC campaign.

Everyday it is recommended that one looks into budget and keyword management, whereas the bi-weekly benchmark takes a look at impressions and ad placement performance metrics. Each timely evaluation has its purpose leading to a positive campaign.

PPC is an ever-evolving beast. The effort put into analyzing its success should be too.