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The Ultimate Guide to Selecting and Storing Your Vegetables

By | source:activitydeck Nov 19th, 2015

We´ve all been there, the selection process at the produce section. Sure I grew up knowing how to feel avocados and which color my bananas should be before I purchase, but there are a hell of a lot of veggies I have no idea on how to judge.

Today´s infographic is practically the only guide you´ll need for your American produce needs. Yes, other countries have veggies and fruits that aren´t covered on this graphic, but this is still somewhat comprehensive for your regular groceries. We all have a little bit of a sixth sense when it comes to picking veggies and fruit. The general rule is that if it´s soft, wet or sticky when it shouldn´t be, don´t pick it. (Those rules apply universally across many different subjects.)

Besides my bad jokes, we have our topic at hand. Take a peak at this guide to confirm if your produce habits hold true. To be honest, I never believed there was a difference between leaving produce in the fridge drawer vs just putting it in the fridge. I have learned my lesson and will change my ways, I promise.