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Crazy Statistics About Your Bathroom Time

By | source:Here Sep 22nd, 2020

As humans, we spend far more time in the bathroom than we think. Do you ever wonder how long you’ve spent in the bathroom over the course of a lifetime?

Well, wonder no more, as today’s infographic breaks down how long the average person spends in the bathroom over the course of an entire lifetime (in this instance, a lifetime is based on an average UK life expectancy of 81.5 years.)

It turns out that there is variance in the amount of time one may spend in the bathroom depending on gender. Men, on average, spend about 855.8 days of their lives in the bathroom, or 2 years and 125 days. Compare this to women, who spend about 770.8 days of their lives in the bathroom (2 years and 40 days).

This infographic also breaks down those 855.8 or 770.8 days, with time being divided between showering, drying, hair styling, and more.

People also tend to do other activities in the bathroom, and this infographic takes that into account. These other activities include reading, singing, and watching TV.

It is incredible to see how much time we actually spend in the bathroom. It is far more time than you would think. Be sure to read through all of today’s infographic for more crazy statistics.