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The Ultimate Guide to the XBox X Anatomy

By | source:Here Mar 14th, 2021

While the line that divides videogame consoles from computers keeps getting blurrier and blurrier, the release of the Xbox Series X last year brought up a new question to the conversation — why does the new Xbox console look like a small refrigerator?

Well, this infographic gives us a look inside the console. In a very straightforward manner, this graphic explains all the intricacies about how the console is built in a way that would prevent it from overheating — which, as some of you might remember was the main culprit behind the Xbox 360’s failure. That overheating problem caused the infamous Red Ring of Death that caused many consoles worldwide to stop working, pushing Microsoft into extending the console’s warranty in order to appease what could have been a business-ending disaster!

Now in the case of the Series X, it makes a lot of sense if you look at it. A bigger fan is not only far more efficient but also means that it doesn’t need to spin that fast, which results in it making less noise. The motherboard is split in two, separated by a heatsink chassis, and a vapor chamber which also helps to distribute the heat inside the console.

So, while the shape is unconventional compared to what we’re used to in game consoles, it has good reason to be. It should make a big difference when it comes to efficiency, which should be worth the price!