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10 Female Engineers Who Changed The World

By | source:Here Mar 13th, 2021

Infographics like this one aim to fix an issue I’m overly familiar with — the lack of women coursing an engineering field. Both as a student or as a teacher, I’ve found myself inside engineering classrooms that are 90 to 95% men —not to be detrimental to my own kind, but too many men in any field does not lead to anything particularly good.

It is a common misconception to believe that women are usually not interested in STEM fields, but in reality, it’s society in general that does a tremendous job at not encouraging women enough so many feel that they can’t enroll into an engineering field. Not only that but women are also generally pushed towards more “feminine” fields that are stereotypically meant for—you know—girls. This is the main reason why women who do get into this field usually have to go through all kinds of hurdles that men cannot even conceive of just because of their gender.

This is why infographics like this one are very important. Today’s infographic in particular depicts ten female engineers who not only concluded their engineering studies, but whose contributions to their field still resonate in the world today. This once again begs everyone to not shun away any women who show any interest in any engineering field – you just don’t know when you’ll meet a Linda Cureton, or a Jeri Ellsworth in the making!