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Which Tanks Reign Supreme On WoT

By | source:Here May 17th, 2020

While I have played plenty of online games in later generations, no other game has caught me better and for longer than World of Tanks. I have plenty of reasons why, starting with the fact that I love driving tanks in videogames, and this is a game that is all about that.

I could talk about the rest of the reasons all day, like how realistic it feels to battle on these tanks or how actual physics play a role in whether or not you make/avoid damage to a tank. Don’t even get me started on how this game encourages teamwork to achieve victory or how every type of tank plays a significant role on the battlefield.

On the other hand, it’s important to address that this is an online competitive game, and no matter how much the developers balance it, there will be tanks that will simply handle better than others. This infographic created by Wargaming through their own server statistics shows off precisely which are the most popular tanks used by players, as well as the tanks that most commonly achieve the “Ace Tanker” medal in battles. You can easily correlate these two given that players tend to veer toward the tank that provides them better results.

This doesn’t mean that you “have to” start playing these tanks in favor of others, of course. You should always play the tank that works better for you, but keep in mind the data on this infographic whenever you’re playing or fighting against these tanks, and try to understand what makes them more popular or effective so you can play that to your advantage.