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World Cup Viewing Habits Across the Globe

By | source: Jul 3rd, 2014

Of course there are more than six countries that are watching the World Cup. Some watch it religiously, while others aren’t so interested. Shown in the infographic below are statistics of several countries surveyed regarding their interest in watching the games, and how they will be watching them.

Videology found the country with the highest percentage of its population vowing to watch the World Cup is Italy, followed by Spain, who was surprisingly defeated by the Netherlands in the second game of the World Cup. Following Spain is the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

The countries presented by Videology in this infographic were asked how they would be watching the game. The country with the highest percentage of viewers planning to view at least one game is the Unites States, leading with 71 percent. The US is closely followed by the UK, and Spain is tied with Canada at 50 percent promising to view at minimum one match. The last of the six countries committed to watching at least one is Italy, at a startling 35 percent!

In the second category regarding how these countries will be watching, respondents were asked about the use of multiple screens for viewing games. These stats are closer together from 36 to 49 percent, led by the United Kingdom, France, the US, Italy, Canada, and Spain.

Regardless of how you view, you’ll surely be surprised not just by these statistics, but by the outcomes of these games!  [via]