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Choose Your Own Mediterranean Adventure

By | source: Jul 2nd, 2014

Everyone loves traveling. Anyone who says that they don’t is just too scared. Almost everyone loves to relax, see new things, learn, and adventure! Lucky for those less fortunate, scared people, they have the Travel Channel, books, and stories from their brave, rich and annoying celebrities.

Watch out all who are prone to jealousy: people can be a travel talker. Maybe the one who is into adventure traveled to Europe, swam the English Channel and won’t shut up about how they drank so much salt water, their mouth bled. What about the narcissistic showoff who bought a whole new wardrobe in Milan; one may never stop hearing about how expensive their new ascot was. Perhaps a know-it-all who now believes they can run a country because of all the information they learned on their guided tour of the Roman Colosseum. Better yet, the friend who is convinced that time is not an issue in other countries, and that everyone is much more relaxed everywhere else, and “you should really take a vacation”.

One can only hope to have a friend with a family who arrives home from their vacation, kisses the ground and complains about how terrible traveling is. This person will surely reassure those that eating Cheetos in front of a television is a fine way to spend free time.

Maybe these types of people just haven’t been to the Mediterranean. A wonderland full of clear water, ridiculously good food, wine that bleeds good taste, and entertainment in every city So which kind of traveler will you be one day? Pick your destination carefully.