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Why Monitoring Your Sleep Is Vital To Your Health

By | source:Somnologymd Jul 18th, 2016

As humans we spend years of our lives asleep, yet what we know about sleep is pretty limited. We know sleep deprivation has the ability to kill, we know the majority of Americans experience sleep problems, and lack of sleep can cause depression, memory problems and more.

Today’s infographic will show you why sleep monitoring is an important step to improving your sleep patterns and overall health. One of the ways you can monitor your sleep yourself is to set a strict bedtime. Get into bed at the same time every day, and overtime you can judge to see how fast your fall asleep and how long you stay asleep.

There are also medical grade sensors you can purchase to judge your sleeping habits and show this data to your doctor for a more accurate assessment of your sleep issues.

When taking the first few steps to improve your health, many don’t think about the improvements they could make to their sleeping habits. Try to think of improving your sleep like you would a diet, or exercising.