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What Happens in Vegas

By | source: Sep 9th, 2011

Stays in… well you know. Ever since The Hangover came out every one of my friends suddenly wants Vegas trip when they turn 21. Is the price tag really worth it? It seems like a lot of money to throw away when according to the film: blackout for a while and don’t remember what you spent your money on. Movies are fiction and the real fact is that 82% of Vegas tourists are at least on their second trip to the city of lights. It is obviously worth the cash when everyone keeps coming back.

I hope you understand that I would love to go to Las Vegas. Staying on the strip, blowing hundreds of dollars on Texas Hold’em while eating and drinking the finest foods the country has to offer would be lifetime experience. I’m sure I’ll fulfill this scenario some time before I die, hopefully before I’m too old to party.

I’ve heard Sin City is a wonderful place to live. Zappos is headquartered there and it sounds like the residents have a tight community. There are also quite a few conventions held in Vegas. I bet the panels are full of hung-over patrons from the previous nights celebrations. [Slots of Vegas]