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The Angry Birds Addiction

By | source: Sep 12th, 2011

With the rise of the smart phone there was the rise of the app, more importantly the gaming app. One of the more popular gaming apps out there is Angry Birds. Drawing in millions of dollars along with several different kinds of merchandising opportunities. As an android user I get to enjoy the game for free, unfortunately I haven’t taken full advantage of this and have only played them a few times. However, those times I did play I enjoyed it, it’s a mindless way to pass the time. Isn’t it great that our phones can do so much these days? I never leave home without it, I’m more likely to leave my wallet behind than my phone.

Today’s infographic The Global Appeal of Angry Birds: A story of psychology, sociology and addiction present us with some pretty cool facts. One of the things that makes Angry Birds so addictive is its simplicity, which we all seem to be enjoying these days. Angry Birds has been downloaded over 300 million times and is predicted to top 1 billion downloads with 3 different games in the series.

Hope today’s infographic helps to feed that Angry Birds addiction you may have. Don’t worry there are worse things you could be addicted to. After all two of the top feelings associated with playing Angry Birds are joy and relaxation, which sound pretty good to me. [via]

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