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Weighing In On The Gadget Mass Index

By | source: Dec 18th, 2014

The new iPhone is out and I don’t blame you if you want it. Maybe you even feel like you need it. I’m not here to lecture what constitutes necessity or criticize technological dependence. What I’m saying is, the thing that you got last year did not become completely worthless when the newer thing came out this year. According to the data from this infographic, people are still holding on to their old phones like they’re cursed artifacts that they can’t get rid of without the help of a shaman.

If it just never occurred to you that it’s still worth money and you could sell it, well now you know! There’s also the possibility that money isn’t an issue for you and you think it might be of use to you still. For those people that don’t know what to do with their old iPhones, here’s a few suggestions: impale it with a medieval sword as a piece to be exhibited in Museum of Modern Art, sit on your porch on a nice day and reflect sunlight off the screen into the eyes of the neighborhood hooligans who leave bike tracks on your lawn, put it on your mantle as a “conversation piece”, fill up the camera roll to get developed at Walgreens and they will throw it away for you. Be creative!