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Nine Steps for Saving Money at University

By | source:Essay Writing Service UK Dec 19th, 2014

Although the infographic below doesn’t supply the greatest detail into money saving habits of college students, they touch on some points I’d like to elaborate on. First off- stay away from debt. I know a lot of you all have student loans and debt will happen after college, well don’t you dare slap more debt on top by over-drafting your debit cards and starting credit cards.

Now with the debt settled, figure out how you’re going to live. Are you living on some money your parents gave you? Working part-time? Full-time? Work-study? Find out how much you spend every month for the essentials – food, board, entertainment. Then figure a small number you’d like to save. Ok now you’ve budgeted old-school style. Now bring out your smart phone and let it do everything for you.

Download Mint and Level Apps. Put in your information and fill everything out. Mint will help you understand an overview of your worth, where your money is going, and Level will tell you exactly how much you can spend everyday to keep within your budget.

Finally, be a frugal person. You don’t need cable, use the internet to stream video. I won’t even go into landlines… Learn to make food at home – rice and beans are your best friend. Shop online and always search google for coupons before you buy anything. Finally figure out what bars and returants, movies theaters, et cetera have the best deals during happy hour or whatever.

There it is ladies and gents’. The key to college success.