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Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars

By | source: Dec 17th, 2014

You may say that these Youtube Stars are living the life. Laying around all day – just turning on their Macbook for a few minutes a day to make one video, adding some quick editing, some ‘subscribe’ buttons and voi·la! Millions of dollars roll in.

Sorry to hate on your fantasy – maybe when Youtube partnerships we’re brand new the top dogs didn’t have to put much work in – but that’s not the case anymore. The Youtubers below aren’t making million just by themselves. We’re talking about large offices, plenty of employees, marketing departments, accountants, and world-class video editors and software. With the power of Youtube – content creators can cut out the cable televisions middle man and bring viewers straight to their advertisements.

Cable isn’t very much of a fan of this – that’s why they are so adamantly against net neutrality. If you have noticed that Youtube and online content (Netflix) is the future of media entertainment and are scared about Cable/internet conglomerates banding together to put your download speeds in the slow lane, don’t be. We have Google fiber, the freaking owner of Youtube, rolling out unheard-of speeds across the nation. Yes I know it seems like your city will be stuck with the devil of Comcast forever – but that’s just not the case give it 20 years and we’ll all be on gigabit consuming Youtube side-by-side with Fox and Sony Entertainment. [Via]