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Why The Internet Isn’t Just For Younger Generations

By | source:Here Jun 10th, 2021

People are constantly making jokes about how the younger generations are synonymous with constant internet use, but the baby boomer generation isn’t far behind them.

In fact, some elderly folk may be using the internet even more than their kids! A whopping 71% of elderly users go online on a daily basis.

They are accessing information regarding things like news, weather, shopping, food, games, and of course, coupons. Not to mention 60% of elderly users say it provides up-to-date information on political and policy issues.

It’s safe to say the internet isn’t just for the younger generation anymore. It has become a staple in everyone’s lives, including the elderly generation. It is the most widely used method of communication for all age groups, and even over half of the elderly users will get some form of education from the internet as well. 

A majority of baby boomers aged 65-74 are even home broadband subscribers.

All that said, the overwhelming majority of baby boomer users can say they aren’t smartphone-dependent. While they use the internet on a daily basis for a number of different reasons, they can still put their phone down without feeling attached to it, unlike the younger generations.