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Water Audit 2013

By | source: Aug 28th, 2014

I am normally annoyed at the complaints over wasted water from the ice bucket challenge. I understand the issue, but the only difference between the ice bucket challenge and the millions of kids that use a slip’n slides every year is that one event is recorded and posted online for all to see, both waste water. So if we hate the challenge, we must hate all the other water fun that we get to enjoy . Which is good! We should hate wasting water. In the last month I have swung from being annoyed by to understanding the ice bucket challenge. I still wonder if there would be a better way to pass on a good cause.
In India, journalist Manju Latha Kalanidhi invented the “Rice Bucket Challenge“. No, the participants do not pour a bag of rice on their heads in place of ice, but they do donate a bag of rice to someone in need. I originally found today’s infographic in an article titled “Dear Indian Celebs: Stop Wasting Water & Talk About These (Much Deadlier) Diseases Too” So before you dump cold water on your head, or do any other wasteful activity, think about people who don’t have the luxury of clean water. [Via]