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Ultimate Guide To Picking The Perfect Steak

By | source:Here Nov 8th, 2017

Steak works for every occasion – sexy for date night, perfect for a boy’s night out around the grill, or easy for an outing with friends. They also come at various prices, ranging from cheap to borderline ridiculous. But let’s be real, if you’re not well-versed on beef cuts, it can all be slightly intimidating for you – choosing the right cut for you, whether or not you’re cooking it at home, or choosing one at a restaurant.

It’s easy to start with where the meat comes from, that is, where on the cow. The most tender will be, of course, the tenderloin, followed by the chuck, which is placed on the cow’s shoulder. The next are the loins (the top loins, which include New York Strips, the Porterhouse, and the T-bone). The ribs come next, followed by the flank, round, sirloin, and the least tender is the plate. This should help in deciding your perfect toughness and tenderness in a steak.

With a steak that’s not as tender, it’ll need a little more love and seasoning. Tougher steaks cook on lower heat, and take a little longer, and tender steaks need less to elevate it.

With all these in mind, it’s pretty easy when it comes to choosing or cooking a steak. Find out how to grill a perfect steak here.