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Driverless Ridesharing: The Evolution of Transport

By | Nov 9th, 2017

Flying cars are a phenomenon we only see in sci-fi movies, but cars without a driver? They’ll soon be showing up to pick you up! The arrival of self-driving cars brings a new reality for driving services like Uber.  Passengers will have to rate not a human driver, but the AI(artificial intelligence) driving the car itself. A driverless Uber fleet is already underway, though it’s hit a few roadblocks.

Autonomous vehicles will completely change how consumers own cars and the race is on to bring the technology to mass market. The convenience and lower operating costs have the market competing heavily to produce results.

There are already ridesharing autonomous vehicles in the streets of Pittsburgh and Tempe.   Have you seen any in your city? has crafted today’s infographic that examines the infiltration of autonomous cars into the ride-sharing market.  

If I may get a big nostalgic though, learning to drive was, for most of us, a rite of passage from childhood to true teenage years (or college years, depending on how strict your parents were). That feeling of freedom of just taking the car and facing the world all by yourself (or with a trusty sidekick) was intoxicating.   Soon you’ll have this option without needing to drive.