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The Truth About Millennials And Financial Milestones

By | source:Here Jan 25th, 2018

We lived the consequences of economic crisis, we’ve lived through tough times, we’ve seen households and coompanies fall and rise from the ashes… and apparently, we have learned nothing. According to recent research, millennials are mostly concerned about their financial future… and that’s about it. Anxiety about everything, without actually doing something to improve our peace of mind. That’s destructive behavior 101, at least according to my therapist.

So what exactly do millennials want to achieve? Apparently, it all comes down to “traditional” life goals such as getting married, having kids, building a successful career and buying a house. And for all of those dreams, we need money. A lot of money that as millennials we don’t have.

That big gap between wishing and actually achieving is, in fact, one of the reasons for our constant state of anxiety and stress. Between the lack of money and a lackluster financial education, it’s no wonder we feel very far from accomplishing those dreams.

The answer? Even when other things seem to go first, think about your financial future and have a plan. Stay on top of your bills and live by your budget (if you don’t have one, make one!). Basically, do everything you can to start adulting and being financially smart.