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Superlove: The Romantic Relationships of Marvel’s Finest

By | source:Here Jan 24th, 2018

Superheroes are people too. Well, sort of. Yes, they have powers beyond all of our imaginations and they get to revel in the glory of adoring crowds when they save the human race or whatever, but they also have trash love lives.

Don’t believe it? Check out this infographic. It’s clear evidence that superhero love lives are as messy as ours, if not worse. And we don’t even have the competing priorities of love and the future of mankind to contend with.

Nevertheless, Wolverine, Iron Man and even She-Hulk seem to have had their pick of the bunch from the looks of it. No surprises about Wolverine; he’s all primitive and immortal, definitely one to swipe right on. Iron Man obviously has all the gadgets and money and is 95% human except for his heart, so he has that versatility going for him. And She-Hulk quite frankly is the very definition of a strong woman, and you’re fine as long as you’re not the one who makes her angry.

Honestly, this diagram is just a very clear indication of what happens when your social circle is too small; people date other people’s exes and there’s a good chance you’ll get hurt in the process (if not by someone with super strength, then simply via a broken heart). And beauty may only be skin deep.  Luckily for us mere mortals, we just have the small pool of millions and millions of average partners to choose from. Which is just super.