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True Colors, Branded Colors

By | source: Jul 3rd, 2012

Branding is important. It is the factor that allows your company to stand out, gives your company a voice, and gives you leverage over other similar companies. Having a strong brand is similar translates to having a strong presence in your industry and being a company that others turn to. Color is the most noticed aspect of a brand, and color is everything!

Color is best used when integrated throughout the company, making appearances in the logo, landing pages, websites, products, and more to ensure maximum continuity. The most popular branding colors used by successful brands are red, blue, greyscale, and yellow. As the marketing intern at LIVESTRONG, I have an affinity to yellow, feel the impact of a strong brand, and see what it has done to the community. According to the infographic, yellow is associated with hope, optimism, and motivation. This is seen in their promotional work, striving to empower those affected by cancer. LIVESTRONG uses this color to compliment their efforts. Are there any other brands that successfully use color to promote their products or compliment their efforts? [Via]