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Tips For Pain Free Posture At Work

By | source:Here Oct 10th, 2017

It’s best to do what you love when it comes to work. But sometimes what you love might not be the most ideal for your health.

If your job does require sitting or typing, you’re like most of the computer driven work force. Contrary to what you might expect, jobs that involve mostly sitting and typing are not always kind on your body and joints.   Although it seems like a relaxed position, our bodies can get stuck into various unhealthy positions.  This infographic features several tips that look at the ergonomics of your work setup.

Sitting for more than six hours could actually increase your likelihood of getting several diseases. The human body might not have been made for such long periods of sitting.   Taking a break every hour to stand up and stretch could break up this six hours helps.  The key is to get moving! This will not only better your health, but your mood as well!

We might not pay attention to how our wrists, elbows, and legs are positioned, but even properly holding your hands when typing is important.  Many of these postures become habit, so correcting them only works if you put in the effort.  You may actually find the energy to be more productive if you’re not suffering from aches and pains!