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The Walking Dead

By | source: Dec 7th, 2012

I bet there are a buch of Walking Dead fans out there. I am one myself and I could’t be more happy with the third season thus far. After an amazing series premiere a few years ago, The Walking Dead has gone directly down hill with one of the worst second seasons of a series I’ve ever witnessed.

The first episode of the third season turned that opinion on its head. There was action, drama, interesting new characters and they killed off all the bad ones, but most importantly, there were zombies. Tons of them. The first episode wasn’t a fluke either, every episode was entertaining and I’ve heard its partially due to the story following the original comic more closely. Although I do get a Jericho vibe because of the claustrophobic camera shots and characters uncanny ability to heal incredibly fast, it is stil very worth my time. Whatever the writers are doing this time around better stick tight for the 2nd half of the third season.

I have always had the opinion that there is enough room for another zombie show, I’d love nothing more than HBO to take a crack at it. The Walking Dead is all we have at the moment and it isn’t something to complain about. Take a look at today’s infographic and you may start rethinking your opinion on the most badass character. [Via]