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The Value of a Liberal Arts Degree

By | source:King Online Nov 12th, 2015

As the economy continues to rebound, tons are becoming more prevalent. Living in Austin, I’ve come accustom to the exponential growth happening here in the job market, thanks to the tech conglomerates. Apple, Google, Facebook, Samsung, and IBM all have extensive campuses here in town, and that’s just naming a few. With the influx of technology means more jobs for engineers and creatives.

Today’s infographic looks at the value of a liberal arts degree and the job opportunities liberal arts students can look into. One of the greatest advantages to an arts degree is the focus on creative writing. This type of writing helps the student gain skills that are important for creating content for online marketing.

This can be anything from writing articles, or whitepages to copywriting and social media. Having an exceptional writing ability is a requirement for almost any job in the PR and marketing industry. Take a gander at today’s graphic and see what other industries a liberal arts degree is perfect for.