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The Seismic Shift of IT Operations

By | source: Jan 15th, 2014

The achievements and advancements in technology that have been made over the years is truly astounding. In today’s society it’s hard to imagine a world without prevalent computers. Our infographic of the day informs us of the “seismic shift” that IT (which stands for ‘information technology’) operations have made from before the 1960s, to current day. We’ve gone from relying on scattered paper files to digital storage (which saves trees as well as your work!).

Good old Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who “were inspired by the work being done at Xerox Labs” helped make computers become office friendly in the 1970s; the 1980s marked the birth of the modern desktop; and according to the graphic below the data centers of today have essentially been reborn. We “use server virtualization to further increase productivity, efficiency, and data recovery,” and we’ve adopted “cloud technology” which “makes it easier and more efficient to share files.”

It’s more simple than ever to get organized, and today’s infographic informs of a “high performance analytic appliance software that processes up to 500 billion point of sale records in a matter of seconds.” I’m sure this sounds oh-so-appealing to business owners.

Check out today’s infographic to see just how far technology has come, particularly in the work place. [Via]