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Cider Is The New Beer

By | source: Jan 12th, 2014

I won’t pretend like I know all about cider, because I don’t. To me it’s pretty new. While beer is my drink of choice when I want to feel a little woozy, cider is almost just as good. Alcohol is something to be celebrated and it is. The process in which it is made is what I really admire. Someone one day was like I wonder what will happen if I ferment apples or pears. That man was a genius: at least to us.

What I appreciate most about hard cider is the fact that it was the drink to have in colonial America. Beer was harder to make and for some reason the apple trees in the north east faired well in the New England soil. It’s a good thing that happened because what might have happened had cider not been more popular than beer in American history. According to legend and this infographic, even John Adams was in love with cider. Apparently he liked it enough to drink a tankard every morning!

The amount of people ordering a hard cider is growing exponentially. Cider sales rose by 700% from 2011 to 2012. Friends and I order it regularly. You should too. If apple isn’t your thing, try the pear hard cider. It sure does help do the trick because it can take a whiskey drink, a vodka drink, a lager drink, and a cider drink. Stay safe out there and have fun! [via]