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The Secrets of Michael Jordan

By | source: Aug 25th, 2011

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly my favorite basketball player. He was a major childhood hero, I loved watching him destroy the Utah Jazz year after year. But I can’t say I already knew all the facts about him on this infographic.

While it’s hard to label any single basketball player as the best ever, I must say he is the most impressive player I’ve seen in my lifetime. You may have seen our Kobe vs. MJ infographic, but I refuse to acknowledge any comparison between the two.

If you’re as big of an MJ fan as me, you should check out this video I stumbled upon a few days ago. Nothing better than watching all my favorite players dominating on the same court at the same time. If you have any cool stats or videos of MJ you should share them in the comments. Or maybe you have your own opinions on the best NBA player… [Via]