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The Rise of the Female Entrepreneur

By | source:Online Business Degree May 19th, 2015

Since the passing of the 1974 Equal Credit Act women have made great strides in establishing their place in the  entrepreneurial world. As stated in the infographic, it is projected that by 2018 women will have created more than half of new small business jobs in the U.S. The current modern feminist movement can be credited for the large push for female business leaders in various fields, specifically the need for female voices in STEM industries.

While women as business leaders have increased over the past 4 decades, women are still trailing to men as entrepreneurs. This is largely due to cultural gender roles and current mindsets towards a woman’s title within a business. As mentioned above, 62.1% of men feel capable of starting and running a business contrasted with the 47.7% of women who feel that they are able to do the same thing.

In order to increase diversity and prosperity of female leaders across industries a change of mindset is needed. Several groups have been introduced to bring awareness to female leadership within the workforce. Such organizations include, as listed on the infographic, Women 2.0, and Women in Technology International.