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Life Advice From Your Biggest Animated Childhood Heroes

By | source:Imgur May 18th, 2015

Today’s infographic will blast you with so much nostalgia you might grow a pair of acid-washed jeans. These characters have molded who we are today and the life lessons these influencers have bestowed upon us can sink deep into the child psyche.

For me, shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold! and The Wild Thornberries we’re part of my upbringing. They had a good balance between humor and life advice. The backbone of these shows was the quality of the story telling. I could relate to these animated figures, I felt like I had been through their troubles and the solutions they found were, or could be solutions for myself.

One of my all-time favorite little bits of life-advice that couldn’t of been more obvious, yet couldn’t have been stated more times was Dory’s line in Finding Nemo: Just Keep Swimming. It was a glimpse into reality. The fact that none of us are perfect and we all have problems we’ll need to overcome. The way to do this is to never give up.

Take a lesson from one of the cartoons of your past, I bet you need it.