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Could You Live Next To Homer Simpson?

By | source:Here May 26th, 2020

Sometimes you may feel like your life is like a TV show, but what if that TV show was The Simpsons and you lived in Springfield with the titular characters?

We’ve all done it. We’ve visualized our life as a television show, with its own plot lines and characters. It’s only fitting that today’s infographic takes a look at how much it would hypothetically cost to live in one of the longest-running and most iconic shows of all time, The Simpsons.

Matt Groening’s creation has stood the test of time, running for thirty-plus years. However, there has never been a clear statement about where in the USA the town of Springfield is located. That’s why this infographic takes a look at the five US cities named Springfield, that the titular family and the rest of the wacky cast could potentially reside in.

The five Springfields depicted in this infographic are located in Oregon, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and Massachusetts. The infographic breaks down things like Homer’s salary, the cost of the Simpsons’ house, and the cost of gas for Homer’s work commute amongst other things by factoring in statistics from each location. For example, to figure out the amount of money spent on Homer’s commute, they estimate how close the nearest nuclear power plant is to that Springfield.

Be sure to read through the entirety of the infographic to see which Springfield, USA would be the best fit for yourself!