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The Rise of Subscription Commerce

By | source:kissmetrics Oct 19th, 2015

Let’s get one thing straight about subscription services before we start – they’re not saving your money. Sure, every service will advertise that you’re getting double the value of your monthly subscription in your box, but in reality you aren’t. Say you spend $60 on a clothing subscription, don’t be fooled by what they advertise as the MSRP, or worth of those clothes. All subscription services usually are worth about what you pay per month, so that $60/mo clothing subscription will usually net you $60 worth of clothes.

So why use a subscription service? Are they worth it? Yes. Do you hate shopping, but want to look good? Join a clothing subscription. Yes, you’re not going to have the most unique wardrobe, but it’s worth it for someone without time or fashion sense.

I personally couldn’t ever leave my fashion choices up to a 2 minute online survey, but there’s one subscription service I love: fishing lures. There a plenty of companies out there all doing pretty much the same thing. Shipping fishing accessories monthly. This has broadened by tackle box and enabled me to learn new techniques and fish for more species.

Subscription services are not a ‘deal’, but they can be worth it if you find your niche.