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Human Body Ingredients

By | source:Pinterest Oct 18th, 2015

The periodic table is more than just what you learned about in high school chemistry. The periodic table represents more than just science. It is an exhibition of all the components of life and all that it has to offer! Within all living things and non-living things alike, we can find an exceedingly impressive list of elements and compounds whose origins are either attributed to a higher being or just some straight up serendipitous cosmic genius. Either way you cut it, not only ourselves, but everything around us are quite the feat.

Even when we argue and disagree about the fundamentals, we are all connected and share more in common than we can ever really know. The four elements with the highest percentage in this infographic are present in all life. They are necessary to our survival and they come from who-knows-where. All of the elements listed, and even some that aren’t mentioned, come from some celestial background inexplicable to mankind.

Can you believe it? By some random chain of events, here you are–alive, and intricately connected to not only the world around you, but the worlds around you. Who knows why it’s oxygen that keeps us breathing or why its combination with hydrogen makes up 70% of our matter and not some other combination of molecules? Luck, chance, or divine intervention; this is a miracle. So if ever you get to feeling low, remember that you and everyone you know are living extensions of the universe.