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A Guide To Pet Vaccines

By | source:pinterest Oct 16th, 2015

I wonder if anti-vaxxers are against vaccinating their pets too? My guess would be yes, and if vaccines are giving my dog autism maybe I should join in. Haha, just kidding. I’ll vaccinate my pet and myself for anything and everything possible.

Rabies is one of the most important vaccines available to dogs, cats and other pets. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to rid our country of the disease like some island nations, but the rabies vaccines has made a huge step towards that. Rabies is still often found in wild animals. In central Texas we have an extreamly large amounts of bats which seem to contract the disease more often than other animals.

There are also plenty of other vaccines available for your pet, many of which are required for international travel. Pet Relocation can be a very difficult and costly endeavor, but having your pet vaccinated is a smart step to take if you ever want to travel with your four-legged friend.