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The Pampered Pet

By | source: Mar 27th, 2012

Most pets I know are pretty pampered. They get special food, go to nice groomers, have cute collars and trendy toys. Some I know even get bite sized burgers and various other dinner items along with the family meal. While the love for pets is a bit silly, it is also charming and usually deserved. Pet owners have a love for their pet similar to a child, so expenses seem normal rather than extraneous. But just how much do these owners spend?

According to the infographic, americans spent $50.8 billion in 2011, purely for pet pampering. Dogs make up the majority of pets in homes, and most of the money is spent on food. Pups need their food. But owners spend the second most on vet expenses, siting that they are willing to spend up to $3,000 to save their pets life. But dogs are a man’s best friend, and who wouldn’t spend the big bucks for their best friend? [Via]