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Kings Of Fast Food

By | source: Mar 28th, 2012

Fast food is prevalent in many Americans everyday life. As fortunate or unfortunate that may be, it’s just the way it is. The infographic below weighs in on three heavyweights of the fast food industry, comparing their draw to the children demographic, as well as how much they spend yearly to get this market.

The infographic is based on a study conducted in Canada, but I think it’s safe to say these numbers are close to, if not spot on with the numbers in America. The golden arches will continue to be a staple in American culture, simply because of how much they spend on advertising. McDonalds put in nearly 1 billion dollars, making those commercials we loved so much as children. Parents who happen to be more attracted to health than what their kids want tend to make the trip to Subway, while Burger King falls into an area grayer than its meat patties.

Look over the infographic and get a better understanding of the tactics these fast food heavyweights use to lure us in. [Via]